My Characters

Cerylia Dawnwing - Blood Elf Hunter (Beast Mastery/Marksmanship dual-specced)
Appears in: Regent, Wings of Retaliation, Wings of Disruption

A noblewoman by blood, elegant, and kind-hearted, Cerylia Dawnwing survived the Scourge attack on Quel'thalas and has trained since then to become one of its most clever and skilled Farstrider rangers. Since her promotion to the position of Ranger Lieutenant-General a few years ago, she has been participating more and more in blood elf politics. Along with her brother, she seems to have significant influence among the leaders of Silvermoon... something that not everyone is particularly pleased with.

Though accustomed to living in luxury, she adores nature and isn't afraid to slog through undergrowth, dive into oceans, or traverse scorching deserts, just for the sake of exploring and finding new wonders. She loves wildlife and has a weakness for animals, no matter the size or shape.

While generally helpful and caring to others, having a healthy curiosity and respect for other cultures, she hides a cunning that she uses without shame. She is skilled at using her politeness (and womanly charms) to manipulate others and put herself in the best possible position. Though she may respect certain individuals, she has a cold disdain for the Alliance and its races, finding them judgmental and narrow-minded. Nevertheless, she finds loss of life tragic and is offended by any "cowardly" attacks against either faction, especially when it results in civilian deaths.

Now married to her childhood love, the Blood Knight Mithraius Sunrose, Cerylia has returned home to Quel'thalas to celebrate, though she may not get the opportunity to enjoy her marriage peacefully with war on the horizon...

My main, favorite character, and persona in WoW. Our activities together include achievement hunting, pet/mount collecting, pet battles, and two-manning old dungeons/raids with her husband (my boyfriend's paladin). Though I've toyed with various specs over the years, I always come back to Beast Mastery. I've loved playing her since the day I created her.

Serisyna Vale - Undead Priest and Human Priest (both Discipline/Shadow dual-specced)
Appears in: Light Without Life

In life, Serisyna was the young High Priestess of Lordaeron, chosen for her mysterious ability to "read souls" and ascertain the potential of an individual through their intentions and willpower. Though hailed as a prophet of the Light itself, her predictions about Prince Arthas Menethil were largely ignored, and she was lost along with the rest of her kingdom to the power of the undead Scourge.

Now, raised as one of the Forsaken, she uses the Light that clings to her still to discover her past, as well as further her personal ambitions. She met and fell in love with the blood elf Metious Duskweaver, but was heartbroken by his untimely death. Blinded by love and grief, she pursued his soul, hidden away in soul stones he left behind, and was somehow able to bring him back to life. But she is not the same woman he left behind, and she will not allow anyone--not even him--to stop her from living her life the way she feels she deserves.

She has recently discovered her past as the former High Priestess of Lordaeron, but seeks to keep this knowledge hidden from the Forsaken, in order to avoid any unwanted attention, particularly from the Dark Lady herself.

Originally rolled as an experimental character, to see if I would enjoy playing undead... and I fell in love with her immediately. To the point that when I rolled Alliance on a fresh server, I recreated her as a human, who has since become my Alliance main. I found my love of healing whilst experimenting with the Discipline spec, and also love melting minds in Shadow spec. Both of them are precious to me.

Kazea Springload - Goblin Rogue (Assassination specced)
Appears in: Loyalties and Royalties
From humble beginnings to coming close to becoming the Trade Princess of the Bilgewater Cartel... and back again. This is the story of Kazea in a nutshell, but you won't hear it from her. At this point in time she's still mulling over how exactly to get some of that prestige back.

(If anyone asks... it was Gallywix's fault, and that lowdown, no-good, son of a rusty boltspanner ain't gonna get away with it!)

Like any good goblin, Kazea is opportunistic and unwilling to let anything keep her down. Unlike most goblins, though, she is sensitive, caring, and generous; she gave up her whole fortune to save as many of her friends as she could. Power and wealth are not much fun unless you have someone to share it with, she believes. This has endeared her to a number of goblins, who are still loyal to her to this day. She is extremely intelligent for her young age, but still possesses a touch of immaturity. Occasionally her situation overwhelms her and she gets moody and emotional.

Kazea was born and raised in Ratchet, before moving to Kezan at about 11-years old, making her somewhat less "gritty" than her friends from Kezan. She has an unusual interest in pirates and ships, but generally dislikes the Blackwater Raiders for "stealing her mother away" with their exciting lives. (Her mother abandoned her and ran off with a Blackwater captain.) She also has a quiet appreciation for nature, instilled by her father (who claimed to be able to talk to elements... how crazy!), and toys with plans for sustainable energy sources. Most goblins find such a notion bizarre, so she tends to keep the ideas to herself.

Currently she travels with her hired bodyguard, Gruzzle Rattletrap, who she teases and bats around constantly, yet finds herself getting closer and closer to him. Unbeknownst to her, her long-lost father, previously in the service of the Horde in the Third War, travels the world trying to reunite with her.

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