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Greetings and welcome to Light Without Life, my World of Warcraft writing blog. :)

This blog is mostly about my characters, their stories, and the adventures they get into. Mostly I'll write about their RP stories or post fanfiction I've written, but sometimes I'll write other posts more related to the game itself. I'm not going to regularly update (I guess it's more like a journal for my random WoW-related writings), but I hope what I do post is interesting.

So who am I? You can call me Cerylia Dawnwing, who is also my main character, a blood elf hunter, in the World of Warcraft. I'm a recent college graduate who now works at the local humane society in animal care, and games, writes, and draws in her off-time.

In addition to WoW (as well as Diablo III), I also am a huge Nintendo fangirl. In other non-WoW parts of the web, I am known as Minty-Fivestar and was once a pretty active member of the Pokemon fanfiction community online. I am a forum MVP on the official World of Warcraft forums, so keep an eye out for me if you ever visit the New Player Help and Guides forum!

I trialed WoW back in September 2008, then bought the full version in December 2008 and have been playing ever since. I get a little passionate about story and RPing, but am not strict to official canon lore. Rather, I interpret the events of the game in my own way, with respect to my ongoing RP I take part in. I'm sure I have a bias toward the Horde, but I've an affection for the Alliance as well. I play both factions frequently, but RP more intensively on the Horde. (On this note, anything I write about in my fanfiction/story posts here is my own creative interpretation of the game lore, and should not be taken as reflecting anything about official lore details.)

The servers I play on (all U.S.) are Terokkar-Horde, Alexstrasza-Horde, and Lightbringer-Alliance.

I do hope you'll comment often, have a bit of fun, and are inspired to continue your creative adventures, both within the game and within yourself.

My Links (other sites and whatnot):

Minty-Fivestar's Deviantart page - http://minty-fivestar.deviantart.com

Twitter @LadyLatias - http://twitter.com/LadyLatias

Minty-Fivestar @ Subeta - http://subeta.net/users/Minty-Fivestar
(Not a member of Subeta? Sign up here! It's a free, fun virtual pet site with the ability to own pets you can customize, and create your own human avatar you can dress up and customize however you like!)

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