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The Newbie Tanking Compendium (Levels 15-20) - Talents at Level 15

I.     Classes and Specializations
II.   Choosing Gear and How to Spot Upgrades
III.  Abilities and How to Use Them
IV.   Talents at Level 15
V.    Preparing for Your First Dungeon
VI.  Helpful Settings and Resources

IV.   Talents at Level 15

Starting at level 15, something called “Talents” becomes available to characters. If you open up the Talent page (N key; second tab on the bottom of the window), you’ll see that a row of abilities has unlocked, and you can pick one out of the three choices to learn. Every 15 levels, a new row will unlock, giving you another point to spend in that row, until by level 90 you will have 6 talents.

After looking at the talent page, you may wonder which of the three talents is the “best” for tanking. In truth... there isn’t really a best! Talents are designed to give you the freedom to pick whichever the three you personally like best. I encourage you to read the choices carefully, then pick the one you think you will like best. If you don’t like your choice, you can always reset your talents by visiting your class trainer in a city.

Talents tend to either be a passive or an active ability. Passives will automatically affect your character without any button-pushing required on your part. Active abilities will be new abilities you need to take out of your spellbook and put on your action bar to use. Read the ability carefully to see which one is which.

Since each class only has a few abilities to choose from, and you may be a bit confused as a new tank, I’ll break down each of the classes’ talents at level 15. In general, they all have to do with speed or movement abilities for your character.


Juggernaut (passive) - you can use Charge every 12 seconds, instead of every 20 seconds. With a faster cooldown, you can use it more often.
Double Time (passive) - you can now have 2 charges of Charge, able to use it twice in a row if you like. Each charge has a 20 second cooldown time.
Warbringer (passive) - using Charge causes you to also knock your target down and stun them. Useful for interrupting a spellcast that enemy might be using as you Charge them.

None of these are specifically good or bad for tanking, so just choose which one you like best and think you’ll get most use out of.


Speed of Light (active) - use to increase your speed greatly for 8 seconds. Great if you just need an extra burst of speed in a particular situation.
Long Arm of the Law (passive) - using Judgement increases your speed for 3 seconds. If you open with Judgement, you can quickly close the remaining distance between you and your foe.
Pursuit of Justice (passive) - your movement speed is increased at all times by 15%, plus more if you have Holy Power charges. Moving faster is always good. :)

None of these are specifically good or bad for tanking, so just choose which one you like best and think you’ll get most use out of.


Feline Swiftness (passive) - your movement speed is increased at all times by 15%. Moving faster is always good. :)
Displacer Beast (active) - teleports you forward and activates cat form/Prowl. Could be useful for getting out of pinches (eluding an enemy or disappearing momentarily from a fight), but I think it has very little use for a druid tank. (Any “disappearing” from a fight will just mean everyone else in your party dies, making you a very poor tank. xD)
Wild Charge (active) - depending on your form, it gives you some kind of movement ability. For bear form, it causes you to charge forward and immobilize your target for a few seconds... essentially working just like a warrior’s Charge. If you learn this ability, you can incorporate Wild Charge into your tanking rotation as an opening move.

As a druid tank, I personally favor Wild Charge, though Feline Swiftness is not a bad choice either.


Celerity (passive) - allows you more charges on your Roll ability (able to use it 3 times in a row now), and lowers the cooldown by 5 seconds. Essentially, letting you use Roll more often.
Tiger’s Lust (active) - for 1 chi, it frees you (or another friendly target) from immobilizing and movement-impairing effects (such as snares, stuns, etc.) and increases speed for 6 seconds. As a tank, it probably won’t be used that frequently, but may have use in certain fights. It has great utility if you PvP.
Momentum (passive) - every time you Roll, you get increased movement speed for 10 seconds. It’s quite useful for getting around, especially at low levels when you don’t have a mount yet.

None of these are specifically good or bad for tanking, so just choose which one you like best and think you’ll get most use out of.

As you can see, talents are largely your own personal choice. Pick whichever one you like best and sounds most relevant to your playstyle and the role you are in.

Well, now that you know everything about your class and the abilities it has, you should be prepared for your very first dungeon! How do you go about getting into a group, though? What should you expect going in? The next section of my guide will explain all of this. :D

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