Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shared Topic: Do Your Alts Know Each Other?

Reshka, Kazea, Cerylia, Serisyna, and Raniaz. Chilling in Silvermoon.

Whether you have many alts or just a few, do they know each other? Do they have some sort of relationship as people living in Azeroth, or is sending materials and money between them just a game mechanic for you? If your characters do know each other, what kind of relationships do they have, and how did those relationships come into being? If they don’t, what functions do your different alts serve?

I’ve never tried the Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth before, but this week’s topic by Kamalia really piqued my interest. “Do Your Alts Know Each Other?”

Being the RPer/writer that I am, and loving each and every one of my characters as if they were my babies… the answer is a resounding YES. In my head, most of my characters know of each other and are friendly with one another. They’re like a big family, with “big sister” main leading the pack.

All my played characters are generally split into two different servers that I frequent, one Horde and one Alliance. As such, there isn’t a lot of overlap between factions, both physically and story-wise. Though I have used some of my Alliance characters in RPs/stories with my Horde characters, I tend to keep them pretty separate for the most part. Mostly because of the parallel universe that exists due to Serisyna being undead on my Horde server, but a living breathing human on my Alliance server. ;)

For this post, then, I’ll take a look at my Horde characters. I may do another post for my Alliance characters if I have time and am motivated enough, but for now, here are my Horde characters and their tales.

Cerylia Dawnwing is my blood elf hunter and main, and as such is the common link between all my characters. She’s friendly with all my alts in some form or fashion, and all of them have come together into this odd family of “sisters” (plus one stud) because of her. She is diplomatic, charitable, and welcoming of all her Horde allies, wanting to know more about their cultures so she can better relate to people within the Horde. She also uses her friends as a “social network” for information and leverage in just the right places. She’s a politician as well, and it’s to her benefit to have people in the right places at the right times with their eyes and ears open. If she wants to meet my alts for whatever reason, they often do so in Silvermoon City or Orgrimmar. Game-wise, Cerylia is the rich “big sister” who tosses gold at her little sisters when they need it, farms stuff for hours on end for them, and insures that they are well taken care of.

Serisyna Vale, my undead priestess, is more of a solitary character, which I suppose suits a Forsaken. She’s quiet and usually very helpful, but has been all sorts of sad lately due to the untimely death of the man she loved. When she’s not off adventuring she spends a great deal of time in Silvermoon City, preferring to surround herself with the beauty of the elves instead of the dark, rotting despair of the Forsaken. She and Cerylia are very close friends, caring for one another as sisters, and will do anything to protect each other. However… because Cerylia, in an indirect way, inadvertently contributed to the death of the aforementioned lover, Serisyna can also be tense and angry with Cerylia at times, which the sin’dorei takes in guilty stride. Serisyna is also close friends with Cerylia’s brother, Llylithen, having a great deal of affection for blood elves in general. (It’s often joked that if she had the choice, Serisyna would rather BE a blood elf.) She generally gets spoiled the most of my alts since she levels Tailoring/Enchanting, so she often needs money help. xD

Llylithen Dawnwing is Cerylia’s older brother, who went off with Kael’thas and his forces after the fall of Quel’Thalas to the Scourge. Many years later—in which he defected to the Scryers, then left and eventually joined the Argent Dawn, before he met a tragic end—Llylithen finds himself a death knight formerly under the Lich King’s command. It has taken him a long time to find his way back to his sister, and since then hovers over her protectively when he can. (Cerylia rolls her eyes at the notion she needs his protection, however.) Being a ladies’ man, Llylithen has run into a few of my other alts (including Serisyna, Seraun, Reshka, and Kazea), and flirted with them shamelessly. He’s closest, perhaps, to Serisyna, since they both understand the pain of death and the experience of undeath, and it is not uncommon for them to meet up with one another for comfort about their fears and pains. Though Serisyna is thus far immune to his charms, Llylithen is determined to win her over, even if just for a day. He’s a hopelessly romantic fellow and just wants to show how well he can love. xP As my highest level miner, he often finds himself traveling to various zones and picking up materials for my other alts when they need ore.

My three lady tauren—Seraun Hornbreaker the warrior, Derevaun Lightmane the paladin, and Tayani Featherhoof the druid—are all familiar with one another from childhood, all being of similar ages. Seraun and Derevaun are polar opposites, with Seraun being the friendly, calm one, and Derevaun being hot-headed and hateful of the Alliance and anyone else in her way. They have a rival relationship (at least from Derevaun’s view) and try to avoid each other. Derevaun and Tayani have both lived in Quel’Thalas for a time (Derevaun learning from the Blood Knights about their order and fighting style on behalf of the Sunwalkers, and Tayani helping to heal the Ghostlands and restore them to beauty). As my blacksmith, Seraun often finds herself in need of ore assistance from Llylithen, or sharing her low-level ore finds with Kazea.

Seraun, Tayani, and Derevaun. "Please don't fight!!"

Raniaz, my troll shaman, is a bit more solitary (being played infrequently), but since she’s my only Leatherworker/Skinner she often deals in trading leather to whoever among my alts needs it. She’s known for her exotic troll cooking (no gnomes in the dishes, promise!) and frequently meets with Cerylia to swap recipes and gossip. She’s cheerful, welcoming, and loves to talk… I guess she’s like a motherly character in some ways to my alts. She does, however, have a ferocious sex drive, so my characters are quick to avoid her when they see the tell-tale signs of a troll in heat. Raniaz isn’t particular about whether you’re a man or woman, so long as you can keep up. xD Cerylia most often has to dodge her advances; ironically, Llylithen has yet to meet her. Wonder how he’d fare. ^^;

Reshka the orc mage, like many of my other alts, has a relationship with the blood elves—she, to the confusion of many, decided to take up the art of magic a few years ago, and in between her work as my bank alt (back when she was a rogue, before patch 4.0 came out) she studied magic with the best of Silvermoon’s mages. After a few years of that, Reshka decided she wanted to go check out the sunlight instead of being cooped up in a bank all day, so she was rerolled mage and runs about lighting things on fire every so often. She knows every one of my alts to some degree, being the banker she was, but is particularly friendly with Raniaz, Derevaun, and Kazea. She’s currently helping Kazea get back on her feet and the two like swapping money-making opportunities and ideas.

Last but not least… Kazea Springload, the goblin rogue, is the newest addition to my little family. By a stroke of luck she met Reshka while at the bank in Orgrimmar, and the two became friends, having a common liking for money. Reshka eventually introduced her to Cerylia, who was excited to meet a goblin new to the Horde, and eager for an acquaintance representing the Bilgewater Cartel. Kazea isn’t sure what to make of Cerylia yet, but she likes the monetary assistance so far, and is keen on pleasing her new “boss” (of a sort) so that she’ll be able to climb the ladder of success once again. She has met Seraun before for some help with ore (being a fledgling engineer), and been hit upon briefly by Llylithen (she wasn't sure what to make of that), but has yet to meet anyone else.

Whew! That’s all 9 of them! (I do have another alt on the server, but I don’t play her at the moment, and she doesn’t really have much of a story yet.) This doesn’t even count the relationships many of my characters have to my boyfriend’s and sister’s alts, who also RP with me and play an important role in my characters’ stories.

They’re a quirky bunch, but they’re all mine. <3

So readers, what do you think? Do you have similar relationships among your characters? :D